Kim Cattrall Is Not 'Childless' So Please Don't Call Her That

While some labels make it easier to find things, others aren't really needed. Sex and the City vet Kim Cattrall might not have any kids of her own, but Kim thinks the term "childless" is both offensive and unnecessary.


Before we get into it, it is worth a mention that Kim considers herself a mother -- and not just to an animal she may or may not have that sleeps with her and has its own pet care insurance (wouldn't it be cool if she had a pussycat named Samantha Jones?). No, she's talking about nieces, nephews, and people she mentors. Given the definition of "parenting" can mean caring for someone in the manner of a parent, let's roll with it.

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Kim recently did an interview on BBC Radio where she shared her thoughts about the term "childless." Simply put, she hates it. In fact, she thinks its degrading -- like those who don't have children are less of a person than those who do.

Call the PC police on me, but I have to agree with some of what she said. However, Kim might want to watch calling herself a mom to those who have a mother -- especially if she's around and hears it (that could get ugly).

For starters, why does it seem like the term "childless" is often used when talking about women of a certain age -- as if their entire life passed them by and, oops, they forgot to pop out a baby? George Clooney is childless, but yet, he and many other men have been knighted with being a bachelor that's cool and mysterious in a way. Obviously people who don't have kids are without child (or childless), but does that mean we need to point it out like some scarlet letter?

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Some people choose not to have children of their own, and others struggle to become a parent. The bottom line is this: Life happens and can throw a monkey wrench in your plans. Sometimes you don't meet "Mr. Right" until you're older, and sometimes you have a change of heart that might make you feel like it's too late. No matter what your story is, "childless" can seem a bit harsh.

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Who knows, maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing.


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