The Duggar Family Celebrates Mom Michelle Duggar's Birthday in Front of the Camera (VIDEOS)

To say the Duggars have had one crazy year is putting things lightly. Between the molestation scandal, cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, and Ashley Madison debacle, some might find it hard to celebrate anything, let alone a birthday. Regardless of what's been going on, members of the Duggar clan posted happy birthday videos in honor of mom Michelle Duggar's special day.


Keeping things short and sweet are daughter Jill Dillard and her husband Derick with their video. Currently on a mission (no really, they're doing mission work in Central America), the couple also had their son Israel also make an appearance.

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Mom-to-be Jessa Seewald showed off her cute baby bump in her video that honors her mother as a patient woman of faith she hopes to become.

Sisters Jana and Joy Anna Duggar also had something to say about their mom Michelle that was short and sweet. Who doesn't love being call their child's hero?

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Take a look at 18-year-old Josiah Duggar's birthday shout-out to his mom.

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Not to be outdone by their kids is papa Jim Bob Duggar, who had a little something something to say about the special woman in his life.

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It's pretty fitting for this family to step in front of the camera to send Michelle Duggar birthday wishes. Aside from not being shy about "keeping it real" -- in the reality television department -- videos are not only timeless, but are also a great way to send something heartfelt if you happen to be away. Sure there are letters and stuff, but who writes those anymore?

Image via duggarfam/Instagram 

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