President Obama Turns Into a Crybaby With This Parenting Reality

At some point, the child you were dying to meet in the womb grows up to become an adult. As much as you'd love to bottle them up and keep them as your little one forever, eventually, you have to let go. Barack Obama might be our commander in chief, but he is also a dad who gets teary thinking about daughter Malia going to college.


Say it with me, awww!

Putting politics aside (UGH, who else is not looking forward to this continued mudslinging?), this is a reality many parents know eventually comes, but find difficult to face. Yeah, you might joke at the thought of kicking your child out from time to time, but once their room is all boxed up, don't be surprised if one or two tears escape your eyes.

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Can you imagine how President Obama will look once his 17-year-old daughter Malia finishes her last year of school?

Maybe something like this?

Or just a quick tear he can wipe away?

The best thing parents can do is hope their child takes all the life lessons they tried to teach into the world ... and get good grades. When children go off to college, it's not like they fall into some black hole never to return. They grow up, learn more about life, and oftentimes can connect with you on a more mature level. And then there's that whole marriage and grandbabies thing that will make you go wild, but we'll save that excitement for another time.

So cheer up, Mr. President. As hard as it might be to let go, you and your wife Michelle can enjoy time reconnecting with each other -- and hey, if you happen to be sipping some delicious cocktail and chasing each other around the house in your underwear (did someone say Netflix and chill?), so be it. Just make sure your 14-year-old daughter Sasha isn't home. That would be embarrassing ... for everyone.

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