Jessica Simpson Is Done Having Kids for a Very Good Reason

jessica simpsonCeleb moms may gush about their kids, but that doesn't necessarily mean more is better. Case in point: Jessica Simpson says she's done having kids -- that's right, no more babies are anywhere in the works for this 35-year-old mother of two.


"No more kids on the horizon," she told Entertainment Tonight recently. 

Currently Simpson is mom to 3-year-old daughter Maxwell and 2-year-old son Ace -- and married to NFL star Eric Johnson. 

She says she's not into having kid #3 for a very good reason.

"That would freak me out a little bit," she admits.

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Plus Simpson isn't the only celeb who says she's "two and done": Mother of two Alyssa Milano also said she's happy with two kids, explaining, "I'm 42 so it's like, why push my luck?"

I am so with these mamas -- and I only have one kid! Parenthood is so stressful these days, I really think parents should err on the side of less is more for the sake of their own sanity.

Families have been getting smaller and smaller ever since we've left agrarian life, where more hands were actually useful. Today, the larger the family the greater the financial drain on the parents -- so who can blame parents for funnelling their resources into fewer kids?

I commend these celeb mamas for their common sense.


Image via Everett Collection/shutterstock

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