Pink Shares Funny Birthday 'Gift' From 4-Year-Old Daughter (PHOTO)

It can be hard enough trying to find someone the "perfect gift," but what do you do when that said someone has enough money to get what they want? Well, it appears Pink's daughter Willow gave her an unexpected birthday gift that's not exactly something you can put inside a box.



The 36-year-old Grammy winner couldn't help but post this cute photo on Twitter. As you can see, Pink is not only a talented singer, but a pretty good braider as well.

Willow has some long hair!

Personally, I love styles that have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It's good to mix it up from time to time, ya know?

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Doesn't this photo remind you of mommy-daughter time growing up? I can only imagine the internal countdown going through Pink's mind as she not only had to figure out the style she wanted to do, but how long it would take so she wouldn't hear, "Are you almost done yet?" Even 4-year-olds have places to go and people to see. At least Willow can rock out a little more with this fun hairstyle.

You gotta love birthday gifts that center around quality time. I'll take that over a fancy gift any day (just please don't skimp on the cake).


Image via TMNY / Splash News

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