Jill Duggar's Baby Israel Is 5 Months Old! Check Out Her Adorable Then-and-Now Pics (PHOTO)

jill duggar and derick dillardMy how time flies: Can you believe that Jill Duggar's son Israel is 5 months old? And a recent photo of the little guy on Instagram shows just how much he's grown.


Check it out below: The photo shows side-by-side pics of Israel at 1 month and at 5 months. Doesn't he look different? Not just in terms of size but personality, too. Check out that smile!

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As a mom with a 5-year-old, I can tell you that it truly is hard to tell just how big babies get. Just the other day I was visiting a mom friend with a newborn and my eyes popped at how huge my daughter looked next to this infant!

Because for moms, I think their kids will always be babies. It takes a lot to jar us out of that. They seem to grow so slowly, but one day you blink and they're all grown up


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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