Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's Son Is the Cutest Kid to Ever 'Hate' Ice Cream (PHOTO)

In their continuing campaign to be the most normal parents in Hollywood, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris shared a snap of son Jack "hating" ice cream, and it's absolutely adorable. Of course, the joke is that it seems he did the exact opposite of hating it. Get ready to squeal, because this is one seriously sweet photo.


Last week, Anna shared a hilarious (and highly relatable) photo of her son having a little potty-training fail. This week, she is showing her Twitter followers the adorable result of son Jack's very first chocolate ice cream cone. As she says, he obviously hates it:

Look at that face! He is so precious and it's awesome that Chris and Anna share him this way with their millions of fans. They are clearly very loving parents and the way they talk about him makes them sound so down-to-earth. He was born prematurely by nine weeks, and at a March of Dimes event last year, Chris discussed the challenges involved with Jack's long NICU stay. The way he spoke of his son in such a loving and humble tone makes them Hollywood parents to admire. And happily, it appears as though Jack is doing great now! It's so sweet to see him thriving after what must have been a very scary and uncertain beginning to his life.

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In the realm of celebrity parents, Chris and Anna are such a wonderful example of keeping things normal and real for their son, and also for having a sense of humor. In a world where Kim Kardashian seems to only post North looking perfect at all times (which is completely her preogative!) it's really fun to see Anna being so honest about life with a toddler, messy ice cream face and potty-training foibles and all. We can't wait to see what they share with us next about adorable little Jack!


 Image via © Frank Trapper/Corbis

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