Beyonce Shows Blue Ivy How to Be a Superstar in Adorable Pics (PHOTOS)

beyonce blue ivyWhile some celebs seem determined to keep their kids out of showbiz at all costs, others use their unique position to start showing their offspring the ropes right away -- and Beyoncé definitely seems to fall into the latter camp, from the latest series of adorable Blue Ivy pics posted to Instagram!


An assortment of black-and-white photos show Queen Bey -- who just turned 34 -- and her little princess hanging out both backstage and onstage, doing all the things an uber-famous diva might do: testing out the mic, practicing moves, carrying around a giant balloon (okay, maybe that last one isn't exactly diva-specific behavior, but still). It's clear that Beyoncé is grooming her little girl for a life in the spotlight, and while we don't know exactly what was going on in these pics, we can make some educated guesses. 

Like, here Beyoncé was probably like, "Always remember to personalize your microphone so nobody else tries to use it! Sure, you can use your Dora the Explorer stickers."

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Then, here, Beyoncé was all, "Sometimes you gotta show your dancers how it's done, see? STRUT!"

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Then, here, Beyoncé was like, "Oh, and sometimes you gotta climb some really high stairs to get to the stage. That's how you get to the top, baby girl!"

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Here I think Beyoncé was probably just watching Blue Ivy do something really cute:

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And there you have it: Life lessons from Beyoncé. Very, very, specific life lessons. Work it, Blue Ivy!!


Image via Ron Asadorian / Splash News

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