Gisele Bundchen Shows Us Tom Brady as a Doting Dad & We Fall for It Every Time (PHOTO)

gisele bundchenIn case you haven't heard, there is a lot of speculation going on in the world of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Rumors of the two breaking up swirled after Ben Affleck's nanny shared a photo of herself wearing all of Brady's Super Bowl rings, and there is something about a deflated ball situation that won't go away. (I'm not a big sports fan.) But Gisele let us all know that everything is just peachy by sharing a ridiculously adorable photo of her husband Tom playing soccer with their daughter Vivian.


I mean ... come on!

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Everything has to be fine in this family. These kind of moments aren't captured on film when there is turbulence in a marriage. This is love. Taken with love, as Gisele viewed pure love.

Here, Tom is playing a bit of soccer (with what appears to be a well-inflated ball) with his 2 1/2-year-old daughter Vivian. Gisele's caption: "And my heart melts …#biggestlove #family" seals the deal that what we are seeing here really is a snapshot of a typical day in the Brady house -- Dad just finished mowing the lawn and now he's playing with his daughter. Mom's having a cup of coffee while their two sons are playing a game of tag with the neighborhood kids. She sees this moment between her youngest and husband and this is it -- the heart-melting moment of the day. I'd bet this family has tons of them.

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At the end of the day, Tom Brady is a dad -- and he seems to be a damn fine one at that. Well played.


Image via gisele/Insagram

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