Jason Biggs's Son Stumbles Across Dad's 'American Pie' Past (PHOTO)

jason biggsA recent library trip turned hilarious when Sid, the 18-month-old son of Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen, picked up a book that brought back memories of Biggs's American Pie past.


In case you need a refresher: In the 1999 blockbuster, Biggs plays a teenager who gets caught in "intimate relations" with an apple pie.

So when his son Sid picks up a book about pies, Biggs had the sense of humor to snap a pic joking he doesn't think his son appreciates the "irony" of his choice. Check it out below.

Sid picked out a book at the library today. I don't think he appreciated the irony.

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It's always fun when kids unwittingly trigger flashbacks for parents. They pick up a book or toy we once loved, turn to a TV show we watched every Saturday, then boom! Nostalgia socks us in the gut.

Of course, Jason Biggs's "apple pie" incident is a particularly salient memory! And while he will no doubt wait years until his son is much older to introduce this particular moment of his past, even then, though, that "talk" will no doubt be an awkward one!

But hey, if American Pie taught Biggs anything, it's that awkward conversations with kids are a parental right of passage. And we just love that Biggs can laugh about it, even if the joke's on him.


Image via Helga Esteb/shutterstock

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