Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares a Breastfeeding Fail Story We Moms Know All Too Well (PHOTO)

Life as a mother never has a dull moment, and sometimes, you can't help but share the funny ones. Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed a lactating mishap on Twitter involving herself and a silk jumpsuit at a business luncheon.


I just want to know one thing: Was this lunch for a Party of Five? Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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Aside from taking a makeup-free selfie (ain't she pretty?), Jennifer gets major thumbs-up from mothers who've had their own run-ins (I'll just include myself in this number) with soiled clothes due to lactation. Love's 2-month-old son, Atticus, likely isn't complaining (she also has a daughter named Autumn with husband Brian Hallisay).

Hey, it happens. The best thing you can do is shrug it off and maybe try to cover up the wet spots -- or douse yourself with water to keep things even (whatever works). Be proud you're a liquid gold machine!


Image via © Paul A. Hebert/Press Line Photos/Splash News/Corbis

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