Rachel Dolezal Is Pregnant & Cheap Jokes About the Baby's Race Have Already Begun

You guys, Rachel Dolezal is pregnant. Yep, Dolezal -- the NAACP leader who stepped down in disgrace because of questions about whether she lied about being black -- just made the announcement. Congrats to Dolezal and her family. But doesn't it feel weird that she decided to announce the news through TMZ? A disgraced NAACP leader isn't really the kind of person who associates with a celebrity gossip site, right?


There's some speculation about the father of Dolezal's baby, but she's not saying who it is. She did spill to TMZ that she's in her second trimester. The new baby will have two big brothers -- Dolezal has two sons, a 13-year-old and a 21-year-old.

Maybe Dolezal is trying to parlay her notoriety from her racial scandal into a full-blown career in entertainment. OK, fine, we'll go with it. Her story has been pretty darn interesting to watch. And she's held up like Teflon under the toughest scrutiny. Could a presidential run really be far behind? But in the meantime, with one kid entreating adulthood, a teenager, and a brand new baby, she's gonna have her hands full.

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Predictably, there have been no shortage of cheap jokes about her race in response to the announcement. Many are terrible and tacky, but this one, from TMZ commenter Freebe Jackson, we'll just leave right here:

"Baby gone be Korean."


Image via 247PAPS.TV/Splash News

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