Benedict Cumberbatch Gives His Baby a Noble Family Name

Benedict CumberbatchThe Cumberbaby has arrived! Benedict Cumberbatch has welcomed a baby boy -- the first child with his wife Sophie Hunter. Plus they've given him a name that's quite a mouthful: Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch.


Christopher may be a fairly common name, but that could be good when you've got a unique last name like Cumberbatch! Plus it has a strong, classic masculine appeal -- and it's ripe for shortening to Chris or the more modern Topher.

The baby's middle name Carlton is actually a family middle name passed down from Benedict's dad to him, and now to his own son. Isn't that sweet?

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The name's meaning only adds to its weight. Christopher means "bearer of Christ" and Carlton is a place name that means "settlement of freeman." It doesn't get much more noble than that!

And of course, who can resist the alliteration of the three C's? Some people love alliterative names and others can't stand them, but I think they're a nice idea; keeps things simple and makes for nice monogramming.

So even though it's a mouthful of a name, those C's keep it a crisp and catchy moniker all round for what is sure to be a dapper kid.

Congratulations to the couple!


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