Surfer Bethany Hamilton Isn't Sweating Her Post-Baby Body (PHOTO)

bethany hamiltonSurfer Bethany Hamilton isn't worried about post-baby body -- and is unashamed to show it off, either, posting an Instagram pic of her less svelte silhouette two months after giving birth.


Here she is below, a mere two months after giving birth to her son Tobias. Her body has definitely changed, but she's not sweating it one bit.

"It takes nine months for our bodies to change and grow," she points out. "So I can say it's alright to take your time, maybe about nine months, to get back to the new, healthy, beautiful, and normal you." Read more of her thoughts below:

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Many of her fans chimed in applauding her perspective, with one saying, "It always seemed so weird that the press praised women who looked like they never had a baby after birth! What a strange world."

And I'm all for it, too. Because let's face it: Giving birth does a number on our bodies. Heck, I gave birth five years ago, so my "nine months" to bounce back are totally used up. I'll never look the way I did before kids, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I had some insecurities about it.

So it's such a relief to see more and more moms say it's silly to kill yourself trying to turn back time. Let's just own up that our baby-making bodies are ah-amazing and give ourselves a break!


Image via Brian A. Witkin/shutterstock

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