'Bachelorette' DeAnna Pappas Shares Baby Gender News In Very Unexpected Way (VIDEO)

deanna pappas staglianoThe sweet DeAnna Pappas is expecting baby number two with hubby Stephen Stagliano, she happily announced a few days ago. Very exciting news! And now DeAnna has just revealed the baby's gender. Will their 1 1/2 year-old daughter Addison have a brother or a sister? Check out the big reveal in this video DeAnna made -- I'll admit it has me slightly perplexed.


Are you sure you're ready to find out? Okay. Go!

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Secrets! She let us in on secrets! But with no disrespect to Gabriel Cosmetics (and because DeAnna's lipstick looks amazing and I'm assuming it comes from them), the spokesperson announcement and baby gender reveal felt a bit odd together. Well, at least the products are all vegan and organic so if baby gets kisses from Mama's lipsticked pout there will be no worries about harsh chemicals getting on the sweet baby boy's skin.

And yeah! BABY BOY!

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See? I got all wrapped up in the first secret that the big reveal was sort of secondary news. Okay, okay -- it's awesome news, let's focus. DeAnna is having a boy! He's going to capture his mama's heart, that is for sure. I'm so very happy for this sweet family. It's really nice to see that love -- true love -- can happen for those looking for it on the oh-so-fantastical TV show. Granted DeAnna and Stephen didn't get together on TV, but they met because of it. Stephen's twin brother Michael was on Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette. ABC threw a party and that's when they first laid eyes on each other. Awww -- love! Marriage! And now babies!


Image via deannastag/Instagram

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