Justin Timberlake Leaves This Parent Duty to Wife Jessica Biel

justin timberlakeI refuse to believe that Justin Timberlake is anything but a hands-on dad. I bet he changes diapers, knows exactly how to rock baby to sleep, and carries the diaper bag. But as it turns out, there is one parenting "duty" that Justin just doesn't do for baby Silas. He leaves this job to wife Jessica Biel.


Daddy JT doesn't sing to his kid.

Wait a minute. Did you just hear the sound of a million records scratching? How is this possible? A man with that kind of voice? How does he not share it with his sweet little baby bundle of love?

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Jessica let her husband off the hook when being interviewed -- she equated it with the fact that Justin leaves his work at work. So since he's a singer ... no singing at home? I guess not. Not even "Over the Rainbow" for his kid. Which is supposedly Silas's favorite song and one mama Jessica sings for him quite a bit. Jess said:

You know, it's hard when it's your business. You don't always bring it home and use that as your casual time. I sing to the baby, poor thing.

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She joked that she isn't quite as good at hitting those notes as her husband, but it's clear that being a great mama is something she really excels at.

Image via justintimberlake/Instagram

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