Ryan Reynolds Sums Up What a Lot of New Parents Feel in One Tweet

It doesn't take much to stop what you're doing and soak in the hunky goodness known as Ryan Reynolds. Even if he isn't your cup of tea (pass it on over, sharing is caring y'all!), it's hard to resist a man with dimples -- especially one who's enamored with his 8-month-old tot, and isn't afraid to show it. Ryan recently took to Twitter to reveal his love for daughter James and a pretty funny reality about parenting.


Can you relate, or do you find yourself in zombie mode during the morning hours, like an extra on The Walking Dead?

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I can relate to Ryan's sentiments about spending time staring at your child. They're so precious, and for the time being, they don't give you any back talk. Of course you're going to dedicate a few extra moments to soak in their goodness -- not to mention that wonderful "new baby" smell.

In the same breath, trying to keep up with your little one's demands can be extremely tiresome. Kudos to you if you wake up throughout the night without as much as a yawn, but it's not like that for everyone. There will be times when you ask yourself whether or not you have what it takes to raise your baby, and that's OK.

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You gotta love Ryan and his fun sense of humor. Baby James is a lucky girl to have such a fun dad. Too bad Ryan has no clue this presumable cutie (come on, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had a baby -- of course she's adorable!) will have him doing tricks in no time.


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