Pamela Anderson's Sons Had Zero Idea Mom Was a 'Baywatch' Babe

There are certain celebrities that are known for more than their, um ... star quality. People like Madonna, Prince, and others who have come and gone tend to have a standout attribute that helps make them unforgettable. This is why it's a little funny to think Pamela Anderson's sons were clueless Mom was a Baywatch babe.


You really didn't need to be an avid watcher of the show to picture hot men and women running in slow motion across the beach, as their hair perfectly blew against the wind. And who can forget those classic high-cut red lifeguard swimsuits that kind of reminded you of a throwback Jane Fonda workout tape?

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Those were pretty rad.

These are memories most of us would have thinking about that '90s show, but Pamela Anderson's sons were just too little to appreciate it. In fact, they believed for years their mother was an animal rights activist -- which might be a good thing when you consider her resume, and that popular video she taped with then-husband (and the boys' dad) Tommy Lee.

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In a way, it's a good thing Dylan, 17, and Brandon, 19, didn't grow up knowing their mommy was a coveted sex goddess. From the sound of things, this helped them have somewhat of a normal life that included soccer games and PTA meetings. I can't imagine what it must feel like to not only grow up in your parents' shadow (some stars are brighter than others), but the things you must hear in school.

At least now they know.


Image via © Daniel Naupold/dpa/Corbis

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