Coco Austin's Baby Girl Will Rock Heels Straight Out the Hospital (PHOTO)

Look out, world, as Coco Austin's daughter Chanel Nicole will make one serious fashion statement. She's still baking in her mama's oven, but the daughter of Ice T and Coco already has several pairs of baby high heels waiting for her arrival.


Can you imagine such a thing?

Personally, I'm already vertically challenged as is to wear high heels (flats have always been my shoe game). I do have to admit that these are pretty cute fashion accessories. Plus, it's not like baby Chanel will actually strut out the hospital, given she can't walk -- or stay awake for that matter to yell "yas, honey."

Let's let this little one have her first red carpet moment, as I'm sure it won't be her last. Everyone celebrates the birth of a child in his or her own way.


Image via Pee Wee Pumps

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