Jessa Duggar's Upset Her Birth Won't Be Celebrated The Same Way As Jill's

In the wake of Josh Duggar's molestation scandal, life for the Duggars changed in many ways. However, one Duggar seems to be losing out more than the others, and that's Jessa Seewald. She is pregnant with her first child, and now reportedly Jessa is upset that her birth won't get the TLC special that Jill's got earlier this year. It is easy to see why she would be so disappointed when what happened with her brother is not her fault.


We all saw how heavily TLC promoted the birth of Jill and Derick Dillard's baby boy, Israel. Jill's pregnancy was extensively documented by TLC culminating in a Mother's Day TV special centered around the arrival of the first Dillard child. Jill was unquestionably the center of attention for months on 19 Kids and Counting, so no wonder Jessa expected the same treatment for her first baby. 

According to a source close to the family, Jessa is seeing this pregnancy and baby as bittersweet. She is bummed to lose out on attention she saw as rightfully hers and that she can't keep her fans involved the way Jill and Derick were able to. She and Ben are trying to update people on her progress via bump pictures and videos on social media and even have a poll going where fans can guess what they are having. Of course, none of that can compare to everything Jill was able to share when their show was still on the air.

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Part of me feels terrible for Jessa. She is so young and she pretty much grew up on television. Her view of this situation is different from our own. Some might say she sounds self-absorbed and petty, but her life has been documented on TV since she was a young child. After the attention Jill got for her birth, it's only natural that Jessa would expect the same.

However, another part of me says this is an opportunity for Jessa and Ben to forge a life outside of the spotlight and away from TLC cameras. It could be very good for them to be able to raise this baby and the ones that will inevitably follow on their own terms, without the scrutiny of the public eye. Jessa may not see it that way now, but down the road, she might decide it was for the best that her private life remain a bit more private. Regardless, we wish her and Ben the best with their pregnancy and birth. We are still excited to hear about it, in whatever way they choose to share their news.


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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