It's Ciara's Business If She Wants Her Baby Spending Time With NFL Quarterback Boyfriend Russell Wilson

You might think Ciara is nice until you push the wrong button (just kidding, she still handles criticism with grace). The R&B songstress had quite a bit to say during an interview on CBS This Morning where Ciara spoke about her son spending time with her new boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and society's double standard when it comes to women and relationships.


Most of the heat she's receiving for allowing her tot to be around her new man comes from rapper Future, Ciara's ex-fiancé and father of their child, Future Zahir Wilburn. Future and Ciara were together a little over a year before they got engaged. Things appeared to be great until the 29-year-old "Goodies" singer called off their engagement after Future cheated, just three months after she gave birth.

Since their split, Ciara took a little time to herself before finding love again with Russell Wilson. Dating for a little more than a year now, the pair -- who are both hot and took a vow of celibacy, mind you -- appear to be completely enamored with each other. No matter how many beautiful photos they share, the two just can't seem to catch a break from public opinion regarding how long a parent should wait before they introduce their child to a new love interest.

When asked by Oprah's bestie Gayle King about the matter, Ciara spilled her own tea -- and even made it known that Future himself brought her around his children (he has four others) during the beginning of their relationship.

So if that's true, Future is mad that a new man is around his kid, but had no problem doing the same thing with Ciara and his babies?

Double standard much?


This entire thing has become extremely messy and isn't good for laying a foundation to co-parent. I will never take away a parent's feelings when it comes to their child and the type of influences around them. Does Future have a right to be upset? Sure. Does he have a right to use his social media and interviews to throw stones -- including divulge intimate details about his and Ciara's former relationship -- as a form of venting his frustrations? Absolutely not.

Look, I don't know Ciara or Russell Wilson personally (they're friends in my head) and can't speak on the ins and outs of their relationship. As a mother, I would like to think she exercised judgment on when was a good time to allow baby Future around her new man. If it doesn't match up with your personal calendar, you can call her yourself and tell her how you feel.

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As for Future, he needs to pick up a phone if he hasn't already done so (Ciara claims she has reached out to him repeatedly to talk) and speak with the mother of his child. Hopefully everyone involved can get with the program, put their differences aside, and do what's necessary to give this little boy as much of a drama-free upbringing as possible.


Image via CBS This Morning / YouTube

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