Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Tasha McCauley Welcome First Baby With Zero Hollywood Hoopla

joseph gordon-levittSomehow the secret is out: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt welcomed a baby boy with wife Tasha McCauley. The birth happened sometime over the weekend, and all are doing well.


In fact, it's astounding that anyone even found out! By celebrity standards, this couple is uber-private.

After starting to date in 2013, Gordon-Levitt married the technology entrepreneur a year later in a secret wedding. That was followed up by a secret pregnancy -- all very hush hush.

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Gotta give props for all the secrecy -- secret marriage, secret pregnancy, secret birth (at least until now).

Can you blame them? The media spotlight makes it impossible to raise kids in a normal way ("normal" meaning there's no mess of photographers waiting to snap your photo every time you walk out the door).

But hopefully this kid has a shot.

Congratulations to the couple!


Image via Denis Makarenko/shutterstock

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