Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Is Found Safe & We Can Only Imagine Her Relief

In what is likely every parent's worst nightmare, Rosie O'Donnell's teen daughter was missing from this past Sunday until yesterday afternoon, when she was found safe. Chelsea, age 17, left the house with her therapy dog and had stopped taking her medication leading Rosie to worry for her safety. The teen suffers from mental illness, which added another level of concern when she went missing. We are so glad there was a happy ending for Rosie and her family, but this must have been a terrifying situation for all involved.


Rosie, mother of five, took to Twitter on Sunday when it was determined that Chelsea was missing, alerting her followers to the details of her disappearance and asking for their help. The teen left the house on her own with her 6-month old therapy dog, Bear, having stopped the medication intended to help her live life with an unspecified mental illness. Fortunately, she was found yesterday, apparently unharmed. Rosie thanked her followers but no other details were released on her disappearance other than police classifying it as a runaway situation. 

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Any parent can relate to the intense fear Rosie must have felt while her daughter was missing, but with Chelsea's mental illness being a factor, a new layer of worry and concern is added. Rosie must have been terrified for her safety knowing that without her medication, the situation could quickly become even more dire. With the disappearance of any child, time is of the essence, but knowing Chelsea needed medical attention must have been so scary for Rosie. Feeling helpless when your child is missing must be one of the worst feelings imaginable.

We can only imagine Rosie's relief at knowing her daughter is safe and sound. Those two days must have felt like two weeks, each moment dragging on while she wondered and worried about her daughter's whereabouts. We are so thankful she is safe, as we know Rosie must be. 


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