Jessa Duggar Drops Huge Hint She's Having Twins

jessa and ben seewaldCeleb mom Jessa Duggar has dropped another hint she's having twins with Ben Seewald -- this time in the form of an online poll asking fans to guess the gender and number of kids she's having.


The poll, posted on Instagram, invites people to take a stab at whether Jessa's having a boy, girl, twin boys, twin girls, or boy-and-girl twins. Check it out below:

Put in your guess on our website!

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Now, usually when gender-guessing goes on, it's simply "boy or girl?" and people leave it at that. So, the mere presence of the twin option has to make you wonder, "Hmmm, maybe it is really twins!"

Still, given the average odds of twins is still pretty slim at 1 in 30, they could just be teasing.

But then again, there have been other signs -- like the time Jessa was making Ben a smoothie and joked she'd soon have to make another one for baby, to which Ben replied, "Yeah, maybe more than one!" Because after all, it's really hard to not let a secret this big slip. So, based on mounting evidence, I'd be willing to wager twenty bucks she's got two buns in the oven.

Regardless of the answer, what is crystal clear is that it's really fun to keep people guessing!


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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