Jessa Duggar Posts Instagram Shot Of 'Turkey Timer' Belly Button As Due Date Nears

Jessa Duggar has been posting photos on Instagram of her burgeoning bump and her most recent snap includes a pregnancy quirk most moms can relate to -- because Jessa Duggar posted a "popped turkey timer" belly-button that typically makes it's appearance in the third trimester! 


Amid the fall-out from brother Josh Duggar's molestion scandal earlier this summer, Jessa Seewald and husband Ben are a happy Duggar family distraction with the impending arrival of their first child.

Jessa and Ben are due with their first baby on November 1st, which will also be their first wedding anniversary. They have been coy about the gender and have yet to reveal but they have been quite generous in sharing other aspects of Jessa's pregnancy via social media. Check out her gorgeous bump and that little "turkey timer" belly:

She looks so happy and glowing, just as a young woman pregnant with her first baby should be. Her and Ben are obviously thrilled with every little change as Jessa moves through her pregnancy and it's so sweet to see, especially considering what her family is going through right now. Every first-time parent can probably relate to that feeling of wonder when they start to see all the little signs that a baby is on the way.

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When my belly-button first "popped", I remember feeling a mix of excitement and sadness. I wondered in my first-time mom haze whether it would ever look normal again and started panicking a bit about what the post-partum months would be like. Having a baby brings about so many bodily changes and while some are a lot of fun, others can be a little less so. It is so normal for a mom to have mixed feelings about it. Mine never went totally back to it's previous state, but I am accepting of it. I hope Jessa will be too if she has my not-so-great fortune!

We hope Jessa and Ben continue to keep us updated as their pregnancy continues and that these body changes don't freak her out too much. All moms can readily tell her that the end result is more than worth it.


Image via Jessa Seewald/Instagram 

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