Chris Brown's 1-Year-Old Daughter Royalty Beat Him at His Own Dance Game (VIDEO)

Just when you feel a personal sense of accomplishment doing the Whip/Nae Nae, here comes another dance craze to stop you dead in your tracks. One person who doesn't seem to have any troubles keeping up is 1-year-old Royalty -- Chri's Brown's daughter -- who just might dance to "Hit the Quan" better than her dad.


Published on baby Royalty's Instagram account (yes, she has her own) is a video of the cutie pie dancing in the mirror. Grooving in nothing but a diaper, Royalty takes cues from her mom, Nia Guzman, that show off her natural talent to bust a move.

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Ayyyeeee #hitthequan ��

A video posted by Royalty Brown (@royaltybrownn) on

As a follow up, a cellphone video of Chris Brown doing the "Hit the Quan" dance was posted.

Daddy doing the #hitthequan �� #chrisbrown @chrisbrownofficial

A video posted by Royalty Brown (@royaltybrownn) on

See any similarities?

It's pretty obvious Royalty gets an "A" in the rhythm department that likely makes Brown even more of a proud papa than he already is. It's always cute to see little ones try to remember steps that oftentimes are the ingredients to memorable viral videos.

I wonder if she's available for private lessons?


Image via © Jenna Blake/Corbis

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