Ice T Just Ain't With Giving Wife Coco a 'Push Gift'

Let's face it, having a baby -- let alone carrying one for almost a year -- is no walk in the park. No matter your method of delivery, there's a pretty good chance you'll look like you've been through the struggle (it's real). Perhaps Coco should tell her husband Ice T this. Because Ice T refuses to give Coco a push gift.


"I ain't with it," Ice tells his wife Coco on their self-titled daytime talk show, Ice & Coco. "You gonna push that baby out, whether you want to or not. Oh you think you need to get rewarded for having a baby?"

In case your partner has been trying to keep you in the Matrix, a "push gift" is a present given to a mom before or after she gives birth. Big or small, the gift is a tangible way of saying thanks for bringing life into this world.

"You want a gift, I get it," clarifies Ice. "But shouldn't the baby be the gift?"

"That's true," agrees Coco.

Check out the funny clip:

"I think if you appreciate your wife and she's been through the struggle, you can give her a gift," mentions Ice. "I don't think it should be demanded or expected."

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Obviously Ice T was trying to have a bit of fun with his wife and the audience, but does he bring up a good point? Should women not get a push gift for having a baby?

Am I mad that my husband didn't get me a push gift after I gave him not one, but TWO babies in two years? Did it bother me to the point of adding a little extra into his food because he never once thought being pregnant for years without my friend Mr. Riesling and Ms. Pinot  -- let alone a turkey sandwich (curse the person who said no deli meats!) -- would be hard?


I'm kidding. In all honesty, my husband is completely clueless to many things -- including the concept of a push gift. God bless him when he brought me a Subway sandwich after our second child (he has since done more "romantic" things).

While it would be nice for us mommies to get the hook-up from time to time, I don't think gifts need to be a mandatory thing. Then again, push gifts could be the answer to that pointless comment men make about wishing they could help carry the baby, but can't since they're dudes.


Image via Ice & Coco/YouTube

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