Billy Joel Gives His Baby a Sweet, Storybook Name

billy joelSinger Billy Joel has a baby girl! It's the 66-year-old's second child, and first with wife Alexis. And the couple has given their daughter an adorable name: Della Rose Joel.


Della is the feminine form of Dell -- Old English for a small valley (farmer in the dell, anyone?). And although the name isn't popular by any means -- it doesn't even register in the top 1,000 -- its sister names Ella, Bella, and Stella are hot, hot, hot!

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So that makes this name a rare find -- unique yet trendy. What's not to love about that?

The little girl will also share this name with some noteworthy people like American actress and singer Della Reese and storybook character Della Young, the woman who sells her gorgeous hair to buy her husband a watch chain in the O. Henry classic The Gift of the Magi.

And oh yeah, there's even a Della Duck -- Daffy's twin sister!

Plus, following Della with the flowery middle name Rose just makes this combo even sweeter. Billy, you've got great taste in names and found a true gem in the rough.

Congratulations to the couple!

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Image via Anthony Correia/shutterstock

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