FDA Sends Warning to Kim Kardashian Because Pregnant Women May Confuse Her With Their Doctor

Kim Kardashian has come under someone's guns again, and this time, it's not Amber Rose. The reality TV star has been targeted by the FDA for her Instagram promotion of the anti-morning sickness drug Diclegis.


Kardashian made a post last month promoting Diclegis on her Instagram account, noting that it had helped her get by during her first trimester and that it was safe for the baby. And while its safety isn't in much doubt -- the drug actually has the highest pregnancy safety rating the FDA can assign, has been the subject of studies for decades now, and has been available in Canada and Europe for a trillion years while it was taken off the U.S. market -- the federal agency sent her a warning letter because of what wasn't in the post. Shilling drugs without mentioning any risk information is a no-go in FDA-land.

In the post, which has since been deleted, Kardashian did include a link to a web page with the drug's safety information, where people who were potentially interested in talking to their doctor about a prescription could read up more about Diclegis's potential risks and rewards. To me, this seems like a pretty reasonable amount of CYA for an Instagram post, but the FDA disagrees, and when it comes to me versus the FDA, you should probably do what they say, not what I do. Also as long as we're on the topic of advice, this one's for the pregnant folks out there: Most of your medical decisions should be made on the basis of the information your doctor provides, not what celebrities tell you worked for them. Even celebrities with babies as cute as North West.

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But since Diclegis was off the market for so long, a lot of people may not be aware that there is an apparently safe* morning sickness drug. That includes pregnant people as well as doctors who haven't bothered updated their medical praxis since they graduated med school in 1903. Hopefully by now, at least, the multiple news cycles about Kardashian's endorsement of this drug will have done a pretty thorough job of bringing its existence to the public attention!

* Dear FDA: I said "apparently"; please also see all relevant safety info at www.DiclegisImportantSafetyInfo.com and don't send me a warning letter. Thanks.


Image via kimkardashian / Instagram

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