Kiele Sanchez & Zach Gilford Drop Pregnancy Bomb a Mere 3 Months Before She's Due

kiele sanchezSurprise! Actress Kiele Sanchez and husband Zach Gilford are expecting their first child -- a boy -- and soon. The 37-year-old mom-to-be is due to give birth a mere few months from now in November.


Sanchez announced the big news at Television Critics Association Awards show this Sunday since, well, her bump was pretty much impossible to hide! How she managed to keep this under wraps until now is a major feat.

Her due date coincides with the October return of her TV series Kingdom -- a show where Sanchez plays a woman named Lisa who, ironically, is also pregnant but ambivalent about the baby.

"I think that [Lisa] at certain points really questions her decision to keep it, which couldn't be further from my own life," she told reporters about her role in Kingdom. "So it's a weird, strange, strange thing, especially when he kicks during a scene, you have to go on as if this thing didn't just move inside your body. So it's bizarre."

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So Sanchez not only managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, but had to hide her excitement about it, too! At least, on the job.

Talk about an acting challenge: It must have been hard for her to pretend on-screen that she was torn about her pregnancy when she was doing cartwheels about it in real life.

So, Sanchez deserves major props for keeping us all in the dark until she was ready to share the news.

Congratulations to the couple!


Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images

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