Naya Rivera Has Fitting Yet Weird Baby Shower Cake (PHOTO)

naya riveraGlee's Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey are gearing up for their baby's arrival, and their friends and family joined together to throw Naya and Ryan a fabulous baby shower complete with the ultimate cake. The cake!! It's incredible, slightly crazy, and the look on the couple's faces really says it all.


Check it out:

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Look closely. Yes, that's a potty. Yes, that's a bathroom scene. Yes, it's the cover of the book Love You Forever. Excellent read. One of Naya's favorites. But made into a cake? A little bizarre and yet totally fitting.

Nothing throws you into parenthood like poop. Before becoming a parent, pooping was a private matter (unless you are one of those couples). No one likes to talk about poop as their main topic. No one wants to touch poop, examine poop, decode poop, and have a poop schedule on your smartphone. But once baby comes along -- POOP IS IT!

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Once you enter parenthood, you smell poop, feel poop, get poop on you, and it's kind of no big deal. Because it's your baby's poop. And somehow that changes the ick factor of poop. It's still icky, of course, but not in the same way adult poop is. And while I'm not sure who at that baby shower is going to want to eat the piece of the cake with the potty on it (Glee's Heather Morris and Amber Riley were there), it is the perfect "Welcome to parenthood" cake. Because ... Love You Forever ... and no matter what ... even poop.


Image via nayarivera/Instagram

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