Mariah Carey's Toddler Throws Tantrum at Mom's Award Ceremony (VIDEO)

mariah careyMariah Carey has won a Hollywood Walk of Fame star -- only Mariah's 4-year-old twin toddlers, Moroccan and Monroe, are not impressed. As proof, just check out how Moroccan had to be pried off Mariah's body for the Walk of Fame photo op.


The trouble had started long before then, too. Her kids yawned during the awards ceremony, interrupted her acceptance speech to tell her they loved her, and all in all made this momentous event far less solemn than usual.

Only for the climactic finale, Moroccan refused to leave his mother alone while photographers snapped pictures of her posing with the award ... and was none too happy when he was torn from her side.

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I guess these types of shenanigans are always a risk when you take little kids to fancy places or momentous events where they're supposed to behave! It just goes to show that kids don't give a hoot if this is a special moment for mom -- she's just mom, and that means they deserve her undivided attention!

But on the bright side, I'd say awards ceremonies are usually such serious events, I think it's refreshing to see two toddlers inject a little craziness -- and apparently Mariah doesn't regret bringing them.

"I didn’t know what they were going to do or say," she admits. "Trust me, it was not planned! For them to be here was everything."


Image via me as a parent/Vine

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