Kim Zolciak Wants You to Stop Calling Her Daughter 'Fat' (PHOTO)

kim zolciakKim Zolciak is one protective mama bear! After a photo of her 13-year-old daughter Ariana Biermann sparked some comments about her weight, Zolciak slammed Ariana's body-shamers with an Instagram rant that says loud and clear: Back off!


It all started when Zolciak posted a pic of her family at football practice with husband Kroy Bierman, and some fans mentioned how much Ariana had changed since appearing with her mom on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Well, Zolciak did not like that one bit. So she posted another pretty pic of her daughter along with a caption that starts off talking about how pretty and sweet she is ... that quickly morphs into a diatribe against fat-shaming trolls.

My sweet, smart, motivated princess @arianabiermann ð��� she has the biggest â�¤ï¸ï¿½ and is even more beautiful on the inside and you LOW LIFE assholes who have the audacity to make your rude comments, "she finally lost weight" "she finally came into her own" WTF is wrong with you! You are the problem with society. What possesses you to sit behind a computer and write a negative comment?!!!! ð��¡ can you imagine if you took the time to write something positive or nothing at all how wonderful this world would be!!! You leave my baby alone she is a child!!!! Got it!!! ð���ð��». #YouHaveNoClueTheImpactYouHaveOnSomeone #SheIsAChild #GetALife #IfYouArentPositiveUNFOLLOW #EachOneOfMyGirlsAreUniqueAndSpecial

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Bravo, Kim! It's bad enough when people body-shame a grown woman, but a girl? That's lower than low. Even if the comments about Ariana were meant as compliments -- i.e., "she's lost weight!" -- they're barbed compliments, filled with poison that could wreck a girl's self-esteem.

For one, maybe Ariana is now focusing on her weight more -- and thinking about losing more weight, or keeping off the pounds she's shed. All in all, comments like these could get her obsessing about her body at way too young an age, and that's sad.

If someone body-shamed my 13-year-old daughter, I'd want to maim and kill, too. So, good for Kim for putting these jerks in their place.


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