15 Stars Who Were Really Pregnant While Playing a Pregnant Character

Image: ABC


When an actress gets pregnant while filming a TV show or movie, there's usually a rush to hide the growing belly. But every once in a while, pregnant stars get to let it all hang out on camera, and a baby bump is worked into the script -- creating comic or dramatic gold (think Jennifer Garner as a kick-butt spy on Alias or at worst the many weird and wacky ways they hide pregnant bellies behind plants). We've put together a list of some actresses that not everyone might be aware were pregnant when the character they played on the show was pregnant too. 


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Look, it happens. A TV show is shooting for the season and the star actress gets pregnant before the season starts, which means she will have a very noticeable bump by the season's end. So what's a show runner to do? Well for these shows, they decided to tackle their lead's pregnancy head-on ... by giving them the craziest and weirdest explanations for their pregnant bellies. And guess what? Sometimes the stories that were created because of these pregnancies were actually pretty interesting (Phoebe from Friends having her brother's triplets, anyone?), and other times, well, they were sort of weird (Phoebe from Friends having her brother's triplets...). 

These 15 star moms performed double duty as moms-to-be when their real-life pregnancies became part of their on-screen stories. Talk about taking the kids to work!

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