Jessa Duggar Shares the Recipe for a Dessert She’s Been Craving –- & Now We’re Craving It Too

It's not that weird to hear about pregnant women scooping sauerkraut out of the jar with pickles and eating it over ice cream, but Jessa Duggar shared a pregnancy recipe that we could actually stand to eat. Actually, her pretzel cheesecake sounds ... kind of delicious.


She shared a photo of the cake being baked (with a bonus photo of her looking adorable in a "Mrs. Seewald" apron) and shared the reciped in the caption:

So, uh, who else is stopping at the grocery store on the way home to pick up the ingredients for this one?? There's something about these Duggar family recipes that are so Southern and bad for you and delicious anyways. Yes, please!

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It also checks off some of the biggest cravings that women tend to have -- creamy and salty and sweet. And hey, even if you're not pregnant, those are all wonderful things anyways. 


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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