Ice-T & Coco Austin Reveal Their Baby's Name Before She's Even Born

ice-t coco austinIn wake of recent news that they are expecting their first child, rapper Ice-T and wife Nicole "Coco" Austin have also revealed the gender (a girl!) and the name they plan to give their daughter once she's born in December. And it's a doozy: Chanel.


Well now! Given the mom's named Coco, it seems all too clear that the inspiration for this name comes from fashion designer Coco Chanel, right?

I must say, that's quite a fancy, glitzy name that fits the couple's glamourous image.

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But oddly this baby name's origins are far less gangsta than you might think.

Coco is actually French for "dweller by the canal." Sounds quite modest to me. But rest assured, the fashion designer reference will be the only thing people will think of off the bat!

Plus, this baby's name is also making waves by arriving on airwaves before the baby's birth -- whereas most celebs wait until after the birth to break the baby name news.

But I like it! It suggests they're just too excited to wait ... and very confident in their baby name choice.

Congratulations to the couple!

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Image via s_bukley/shutterstock

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