Carrie Underwood Isn't Missing Her Baby On Tour -- Here's Why (PHOTO)

carrie underwoodSinger Carrie Underwood may be touring, but that doesn't mean she has to leave her 4-month-old son Isaiah or her husband Mike Fisher behind. Instead, Underwood brought her baby and husband on the tour bus!


Underwood was on her way to perform at Washington State's Watershed Festival at The Gorge when she snapped this sweet pic of her husband holding their baby as he peeked out the window. Check it out below:

My boys...checking out the world through the bus window.

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Aw, I love when parents who travel don't have to leave their family behind. Because while it's hard to juggle a baby on the road for work, it's much, much harder for a mom to be away from her baby. 

I know this from personal experience: I remember I had to travel for work when my baby was around the age of little Isaiah, and I was a MESS. I missed her so much I suffered chest pains all day. I also worried she missed me, and whether my husband could comfort her and convince her to drink from a bottle.

Bottom line is, I would have killed to take my daughter with me -- and my husband, too. I know that's not always possible, but I totally applaud Carrie's decision to bring her family along!


Image via Mat Hayward/shutterstock

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