Pregnant-With-Twins Fitness Model Sophie Guidolin Bares All In Awe-Inspiring Photos

sophie guildolinDocumenting the baby bump is a big deal -- seeing your body grow is truly an incredible experience and one your kids would love to look back on to see that Mommy's body was their first home. Australian Fitness model Sophie Guidolin has two sons, but now she's got two babies in her belly. Guidolin documented it with a nude photoshoot at 32 weeks pregnant with her twin girls.


Check out one of the photos below:

The beauty!

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I think all women should get a gift certificate from their OBGYN once they reach their third trimester. Here you go! A free professional photography session -- your "all you" moment right before your baby (or babies) enter the world! Photographers should begin working this out with their local OBGYNs and midwives to make this happen right now. Then we can all look like Guidolin. Or not.

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Because, let's face it -- we all gain that baby weight differently. I have twins -- boy/girl. And at 32 weeks pregnant, I was not only pregnant in my belly, but my nose, cheeks, ankles, and lips. I gained a lot of weight. But I was beautiful. Every ounce, every pound. I was creating life inside of me and that was and is my superpower. Every pregnant woman should feel like she is the most beautiful woman, her most beautiful self, when pregnant. We shouldn't look at 26-year-old Guidolin and compare ourselves. Instead we should look at her and marvel that she has two little girls in her beautiful body. Two little girls who add up to 6 pounds, 6 ounces, at the time of this photo. We should rejoice that she is healthy, and that those babies are healthy and thriving.

Thirty-two weeks! What a pivotal time in a twin pregnancy. I am celebrating her and those twins. And wishing her many more weeks of a healthy and happy pregnancy.


Image via sophie_guidolin/Instagram

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