Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Girl With the Most Momentous Name

charlize theronThe lovely Charlize Theron has adopted a baby girl! Already mom to her 4-year-old son Jackson whom Theron adopted from South Africa where she is from, Theron's baby girl is African-American. Her name is beautiful and captures this beautiful moment in Charlize's life.


While the adoption technically took place in July in the United States, Charlize's baby girl's name is August -- and it is in the month of August when they will begin their new life together as a family. Charlize, Jackson, and August. So sweet. Jackson has a little sister!

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Missing is Sean, as in Penn, who had to endure awkward movie reshoots with his ex. And who maybe thought he was going to be August's dad. I really thought Charlize and Sean were going to last -- there was even talk of him adopting her son Jackson. That connection and bond was key for Charlize and all seemed to be going well. It seemed that the couple wanted to adopt together, to grow their family. The adoption process may have even begun when they were still engaged, since it's only been a month since their split. Adoption processes tend to be long and tedious.

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No matter what happened, we do know that after the heartbreak of a breakup (even if she was the one who ghosted him), 39-year-old Charlize has some beautiful news in the form of a sweet baby girl named August. So very happy for her family.


Image via Axelle Woussen/ News

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