Jennifer Garner Reveals How She'll Have 'The Talk' With Her Kids

jennifer garnerCeleb mom Jennifer Garner has revealed her plans for having "The Talk" with her three kids. And you may be in for a surprise: Her birds and bees spiel reveal she's a hippy at heart.


"I've given a lot of thought to how you talk to your kids, especially your daughters, about sex, and the scary thing to me is that what's available to them online ... is so not connected to the way I want them to see sex," she says. "I want them to see sex as something joyful, as a gift, as a celebration, of love and of their bodies ... it makes me feel cool and hippyish to even think about it that way."

Check out more about her plans below:

What's more, she has said, "I'd rather they try and fail at things while they're under my roof and with me there to chat with them at bedtime, than to say to them, 'You can do nothing ever until you're an adult.' And then good luck."

To me, that sounds like Jennifer won't be too strict ... which I'd say is a wise way to go. Because kids really do need to make their own mistakes, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. I'm not saying you should send them out without a strict policy for guarding against STDs and pregnancy, but beyond that, I think it's good to let kids know you won't enroll them in a nunnery if you find out they're fooling around. Because if kids don't feel they can come to you with their problems, then you're truly in the dark about what they're doing ... and that's frightening.

So I say good for Jennifer for her realistic approach to this important discussion!


Image via Tinseltown/shutterstock

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