So What If Blue Ivy Is Wearing Beyoncé's Vixen Red Lipstick?

Beyonce just shared some really cute pictures of Blue Ivy’s summer on Tumblr that include shots of her swimming and hanging with her famous folks on a vacay that I can guarantee was better than yours. In a couple of the shots you can see the three-year-old wearing the exact shade of red lipstick as her mama and I can already hear the chorus of clucking from self-righteous mothers everywhere.


I like Blue’s red lipstick. So there!


While Beyoncé and I have less in common than I prefer to imagine, as the mom of a 4-year-old daughter of my own I can tell you that some little girls just love makeup. And it doesn’t matter how much time you spend explaining to them that only old bags need makeup -- not flawless baby girls!

“You’re perfect, you don’t need makeup!” I try and reason with my daughter, both of our heads pressed together in the makeup mirror. But she doesn’t care, she wants to be like a big girl, and in her mind that means putting colored goop on her face just like her mom.

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So I let her wear some lipstick.

Now I’m pretty serious about raising an empowered feminist who knows her own value, so I was really worried about the messages I was giving her by letting her wear lipstick so young. Will she think she needs to decorate herself to live up to some patriarchal version of what a woman should be? Will she turn into some preening, vapid person who thinks her only value is how she looks? Will this kill her shot at sitting on the Supreme Court? Probably not. And if she ever gets confused, lucky for her she’s got a mom to set her straight. Right?

Now I do have one very stringent rule pertaining to my daughter wearing lipstick. It’s a rule handed down to me by my own mother. “Thou shalt not put lipstick on your lips if your teeth are dirty.” So before any gloss hits those lips, I need assurance it’s following a toothbrush and toothpaste. That way at least you’re getting a little extra hygiene with your makeup. Feel free to use that one yourself. It works.

It’s also worth mentioning that I’m a writer who works from home in sweat pants most of the time. So it’s not like I’m spending a ton of time primping. Now imagine your mom is Bey-freaking-yoncé. The most glamorous woman in the world. Blue has probably spent countless hours watching her mama get made up by a squad of hair and makeup professionals over her whole life. Beyoncé makes makeup look good. And she’s built an empire on putting on makeup and costumes and going out on stage and showing the world how it’s done. Is it any wonder her little mini-me wants in on the action?

So for those of you worried that Blue Ivy could become the next JonBenét (is that reference too old?) I say relax. Little girls playing dress-up and mimicking their mommies is nothing new. Blue just gets to play dress-up on a whole other level of fabulousness.

Most importantly, let’s remember it’s not lipstick that makes the girl, it’s the measure of the character underneath. And I imagine Beyoncé knows that better than just about anyone. She’s conquered the world wearing a face full of makeup and high heels. And boy does she make it look good.

Carry on.


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