Jaime King Chooses a Roaring Good Baby Name for Her Baby

Taylor Swift's BFF and gorgeous actress/model Jaime King had her second child on July 20, and her husband took to Twitter to reveal the new baby's very Anglo-sounding baby name. 


Couple the new baby's full name with Jaime's last name, and it almost sounds like he's a royal baby. 

Leo is one of the top 25 baby names in England and Thames is the river in London. According to Just Jared the couple chose this name for a very specific reason: 

Jaime and Kyle were married by the River Thames and Leo means strong and powerful.

As much as I love hearing about celebrity baby names, I am eagerly awaiting for what (fairy) godmother Taylor Swift gifts new little Leo and when Jaime is going to start sharing with the rest of us commoners on social media. What did she buy the new baby? A crown? A little mink robe? A throne? We need to know these things. 

Image via © London Entertainment/Splash/Splash News/Corbis

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