Kim Zolciak Doesn't Want Her Daughter to Be a Young Mom & I Don't Blame Her (VIDEO)

kim zolciakJust because starting out her career as a mom super early in life worked out well for this reality star, that doesn't mean she wants the same fate for her 18-year-old daughter. In a trailer for the upcoming season of Don't Be Tardy ... , Kim Zolciak's daughter Brielle announces she wants to be a young mom like Kim was -- and the 37-year-old Bravo matriarch doesn't hide her horror.


And as a mom who started having kids relatively young myself, I understand!

Apparently Brielle has it all figured out -- she is a recent high school graduate, after all, and things are getting serious with her boyfriend, Slade. (I know, I know. Commence banging your forehead against the table now.) Of course her mom knows exactly what having a baby at 18 is really like, hence her reaction:

Phew, that's a crazy trailer! No doubt Kim feels like there are already more than enough kids around (besides Brielle, she's also mom to Ariana, 13, KJ, 4, Kash, 2, and twins Kade and Kaia, 19 months). But of course she's also thinking about Brielle's future, and knows firsthand that even though there are some great things about being a young mom, there are just as many (if not more!) really, really difficult things about being a young mom.

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I can relate. While I wasn't a teenager when I had my first kid, I still felt incredibly young and unprepared when I got unexpectedly pregnant with my daughter at the age of 23. And interestingly enough, like Brielle, my now 14-year-old daughter also talks about wanting to be a young mom ("just like you!"). On the one hand, it's flattering to hear -- and sort of a relief -- because if she wants to be a young mom, she must think her early childhood with me was at least something of a success. On the other hand, I want her to be aware of the multiple challenges that come with having kids before you're ready. So the next time it comes up, I think I might run through the following list of pros and cons to being a young mom (and hey, Kim, feel free to do the same!).

Pros to Being a Young Mom:

1. You have more energy. Sleepless nights with a new baby and long days chasing a toddler around the park are much easier to take when you have the energy level of a young adult!

2. Pregnancy is often easier when you're younger. Of course everyone is different, but I had about a million more aches, pains, and other uncomfortable issues with my third pregnancy at the age of 37 than I did with my first at 23. 

3. Grandparents have more energy. Younger grandparents are usually healthier and have more stamina, which means they can enjoy their time with your kids more (and help you out!).

4. You can relate better to your kid's generation. I'm not gonna lie: It's fun to be able to share pop culture references with my daughter, not to mention the occasional pair of shoes!

Cons to Being a Young Mom:

1. Less financial stability. When your first child is born before you have a chance to build a career, it's much harder to establish yourself in any field (not to mention save money!). I definitely wish I'd been further ahead professionally before I became a mom!

2. Less personal stability. In my experience, women who have babies young (myself included) are often in less-than-stable relationships, and having a baby definitely puts a strain on already shaky unions (yes, I'm on my second marriage). 

3. A sense of isolation. With so many women putting their careers before families these days, young moms often find themselves relatively alone in their peer groups. (I was at least 10 years younger than all the other moms at the park and Mommy and Me when my daughter was born. Of course some of them were still amazing women who became great friends, but still.)

4. A sense that your youth has passed you by. When all of your friends are out landing exciting new jobs and staying out late for drinks (and you're stuck home changing diapers and watching Elmo), FOMO can become a chronic condition!

Of course there are pros and cons to having kids later, too -- no situation is perfect, and every family ultimately has to work with the cards they're dealt. But when it comes to figuring out the absolute best time to have a baby, these are definitely points I want my daughter to consider. 


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