Christina Aguilera's Adorable Family Video Raises the Bar for the Rest of Us (VIDEO)

christine aguileraSorry to break it to you, but no matter how cute your home videos are of your kids, Christina Aguilera's are cuter. Want proof? Check out the footage from Aguilera's family zoo trip.


This short film features the pop singer's son Max, 7, and daughter Summer, 11 months, feeding giraffes and giggling up a storm. Check it out below:

This video was shot by her fiancé, Matt Rutler ... who also happens to be a film producer. Pretty convenient, huh? No wonder this looks so good!

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I guess there are perks to having a husband who knows his way around a video camera! But also I think this goes to show how a few close-ups, a little editing, and a sweet soundtrack can really turn a home video into something truly precious.

Suddenly, I'm feeling the urge to raise the bar on my own home videos. Since after all, these are the things we'll cherish watching when these little tykes are all grown up, right? Maybe it's worth putting a little more effort into making them a little more memorable.


Image via Everett Collection/shutterstock

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