Bristol Palin Shows Off 1st Baby Bump Selfie (PHOTO)

bristol palin

Baby bump alert: Bristol Palin posted her first baby bump selfie, proving she's not shy about celebrating her pregnancy in spite of all the scandal surrounding her life.


The Alaska native posted this pic on Instagram and slyly didn't even mention her pregnancy, instead focusing on the fact that she was celebrating her six-year job anniversary as a medical assistant at the dermatology office where she works.

But of course, she has to know that no one gives a hoot about her job. Everyone's honed right in on her teeny tiny bump!

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Given all the hubbub surrounding her split from her ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer, you've gotta admire this gal's ability to revel in her pregnancy and continue putting herself out there.

In a way, this makes a whole lot of sense. Because a baby truly does trump all. No matter how bad life seems, it's hard not to crack a smile at the thought of a baby, right? 

And maybe this baby doesn't just beat back some of the negativity around her public image, but also helps buoy her own mood. Perhaps Bristol is sitting there saying, "Go ahead and slam me all you want, you haters, I don't care -- I'm having a baby!"

And to this, I say good for her.


Image via Jaguar PS/shutterstock

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