Dave Annable's Reaction to Finding Out His Baby's Gender Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

Dave and odette Annable

Actors Dave and Odette Annable are expecting a girl! And this news -- revealed at a gender-reveal party with a popped balloon showering the couple in pink confetti -- brought out Dave's sensitive side.


"There was a video that we posted on Instagram of our gender reveal and he just cried like a baby when he found out," said Odette, who stars in The Astronaut Wives Club. "Because it was a little girl he was like, 'What am I going to do?' He's so sensitive already, but it's on overload.” 

Plus this former Red Band Society actor's touching tear-jerker moment was caught on video and posted on Instagram -- check it out below:

Isn't that too sweet? Watching men cry makes me cry. Really.

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While I don't think my husband cried upon finding out it was a girl via sonogram, I think the fact that we have a girl has definitely allowed him to display his sensitive side. My husband cried at our daughter's birth, and continues to cry in front of our now-5-year-old daughter fairly regularly -- for instance, when our dog died he made no effort to hide he was a blubbering mess.

Whereas if we'd had a boy, I have a hunch my husband may have felt at least a little pressure to not shed a tear. Whether I agree with this stereotype or not, there's still this idea that you should "toughen up" boys and present a "strong" male role model -- and having a cry-daddy doesn't fit very well with that.

Bottom line is, I think dads should show their sensitive side to all of their kids, regardless of gender -- but hey, if dads feel more comfortable showing their soft underbelly to a girl, then let's chalk that up to a nice side benefit to having a daughter instead of a son. 


Image via Helga Esteb/shutterstock

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