Leighton Meester Doesn't Need to Announce She's Pregnant (PHOTO)

It's exciting when a friend or family member shares that they're pregnant, but unless you hear from the horse's mouth that someone is expecting, silence is golden. Leighton Meester and her apparent baby bump were spotted in public recently, and despite the fact that she hasn't actually said she's expecting, tongues are wagging.


While Meester and her husband Adam Brody have plenty of fans and admirers, the couple is notoriously private about their personal lives. Although the couple hasn't issued any statement or posted any coy Instagram photos to suggest it, there's been much speculation that the couple is expecting. Paparazzi photos of Meester have recently emerged that appear to prove she's either pretty pregnant or enjoys carrying watermelons under her shirt in case hunger strikes unexpectedly. 

This is fantastic news for the couple and great news for those of us us who adore seeing their former celebrity crushes as doting daddies (looking at you, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds). But if you're a woman who's ever been pregnant or is trying to conceive, you can't help but feel a bit annoyed on Meester's behalf.

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The decision to talk about your pregnancy is highly personal, and no one, not even a celebrity, deserves to have that choice taken away from them.

Some people might race to Facebook and post a status update the minute they pee on a stick and see it's positive. But there are plenty of reasons why a woman may not want the world to know about her pregnancy, and we should respect that. A fear of miscarriage, mixed feelings about being pregnant, or being uncomfortable with your changing body are all reasons why someone might not want to share their news with the world, and that decision should be respected. 

Sure, we've all raised an eyebrow and wondered about our office mate who seemed to gain three cup sizes overnight and keeps running to the bathroom, or our friend who is way too happy to play the role of designated driver, but unless your name is Nancy Drew, keep your shocking discovery to yourself. The soon-to-be-mom should be allowed to share her news with whom she chooses, if and when she wants to. 

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If you are the type who can't contain themselves when they think they spot a baby bump, consider this cautionary tale: A friend ran into an old acquaintance at the gym just after freshman year of college. Believing she spotted a growing bundle of joy, my friend reached out and touched her stomach, saying, "This is so exciting!" As it turned out, that bump was the result of discovering beer and 24-hour pizza delivery at school, not a baby, and both women were mortified. 

Yes, a pregnancy can be a joyous time, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to share in someone else's happy news. But in an age where people share everything on social media, if someone makes an effort to conceal even an obvious pregnancy, we should respect that choice and save our congratulations for when the baby is born.


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