Jeff Goldblum's Wife Emilie's Post-Baby Body Pic Needs to Be Explained

emilie livingston jeff goldblum

Super-cute couple Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston welcomed a son they named Charlie Ocean on the 4th of July. Charlie weighed 9.3 pounds, and Mama documented her pregnancy in photos on her Instagram and Twitter. Her baby bump was full and round and beautiful. Just eight days after giving birth, Emilie posted another photo of her belly, and it's a bit shocking.


emilie livingston jeff goldblum baby

My first thought was: Are we sure this is the same woman?! How is that possible?!

My second thought was: She must be friends with Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria of the "I can't believe she ever had a baby in there" belly.

My third thought was: Be nice.

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We all lose weight at our own pace. We all have very different bodies that respond to the postpartum period differently. One woman's post-baby journey isn't another woman's post-baby journey. It's clear that Emilie's uterus contracted very well. She looks happy and healthy, and that's really all that matters. Forget comparing. Remember that, ladies. Never compare your post-pregnancy journey with another woman's, because everyone is unique.

Our bodies change. Our bodies -- all of our bodies -- are beautiful. We make life. That is a beautiful thing.

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What needs to be explained in Emilie's case is that she was an Olympic rhythmic gymnast. In other words: She was fit as a fiddle. She's also 32 years young -- great baby-having and bouncing-back-after-baby age. And whether or not she's besties with Hilaria isn't exactly clear, but both women just have that thing where they can magically birth babies and then make it seem like there was never a baby in there in record time.

No matter what kind of postpartum body you have, it's perfect.


Image via JLM/Splash News; emilielivingston/Instagram

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