Rachael Leigh Cook Picked a Baby Name Using the Most Complicated Method Ever

Naming a baby is hard work, especially when you're a celebrity and you know everyone will be scrutinizing your choice. Most of us pick up a few name books or ask our extended family for input, but talk about taking it a step further! Actors Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies used charts and graphs to pick a baby name for their brand-new little one this spring.


The pair explained to People that it took a long time to decide on the right name for their new son. For his first few days, he went by nicknames like sweetheart, raisin, and even "calcified alien." Cook and Gillies ended up going with the very distinguished-sounding moniker Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies, but getting there took more work than most of us put into our baby names.

Gillies said the couple compiled individual lists of about 700 names and then made a sort of Venn Diagram to see which of their name choices overlapped. From there, they came up with their top choices, but they still couldn't agree on which ones to go with. Their son was born April 4, so Gillies came up with the idea to just give the baby four names.

In the end, he got both names: Theodore, Vigo, and my wife likes Sullivan. He was born on the fourth of the fourth, and I said, 'Let’s give him four names. Four seems to be his number.'

This isn't the couple's first brush with the extended name game. They said it took them over a week to name their daughter, Charlotte Easton, after she was born. Gillies said he's amazed anyone can name their baby before they meet them because the child just "brings so much wisdom."

I'm a fellow late-namer, so I can't blame them for agonizing over their options. My daughter was named a few hours after her birth and my son only took a few minutes. Both times we had lists of names we liked, but our lists were more like 12 names. For my son, we had 32 and I thought that was a lot!

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Names are important, but I don't know if they're "700 options and a Venn Diagram" important. That seems a little excessive, plus it takes the fun out of it. Babies are only babies for so long. They aren't going to look and act that way forever, so stressing about your choice or needing to see them first isn't necessarily a requirement.

Plenty of people pick names before their children are born and there's nothing wrong with that. If anything, it spares them charts and graphs and having to spend two weeks calling their child by a strange nickname until they come up with something permanent.

Still, it's sweet that the couple put so much thought into naming their new bundle. They must be loving, concerned parents, and their little ones are lucky to have them.

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