Blake Lively Posts Breastfeeding Photo Without Her Baby

blake lively

Celeb mom Blake Lively has posted a breastfeeding pic! Or, at least, we think it's a breastfeeding pic. It's a little mysterious since her 6-month-old daughter, James, isn't in the photo.


Still, the Gossip Girl star's caption on this Instagram photo -- "The PERKS of breastfeeding" -- does squarely say she's nursing.

Plus she's clearly in a tropical paradise! Most likely with hubby Ryan Reynolds nearby.

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And while Blake looks amazing as usual -- and is rocking that purple bikini and her new hair color -- the question remains: Where is this baby?

Blake has done it again -- she's managed to show something intensely personal like breastfeeding, only withOUT showing her kid. So is that just her thang? If so, why? Is Blake shielding her baby from the media glare, or is this a way to stir up a sense of mystery, or is there no rhyme or reason to it and it's just Blake being Blake? 

A mom always has her reasons -- so whatever they are, we'll just have to respect them for now and hope we see sweet little James once the time is right.


Image via blakelively/Instagram

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